Israel Tour & Arab Citizens of Israel Peula

A UK Task Force peula on making the most of Israel Tour programming featuring Arab citizens of Israel

Group size: ideally 15-20 (split tour in half) but can be done with 30-40
Age range: 16
Time: 1 hour


  1. For chanichim to be informed about who Arab citizens of Israel are
  2. To strengthen participants' connection to Israel whilst reflecting the reality and diversity of issues and people in Israel
  3. To show chanichim that this topic is a norm as a conversation on Tour, and how to have this conversation
  4. To prepare chanichim to get the most educationally from sites and activities on Tour that relate to Arab citizens of Israel

Trigger (10 minutes)

  • Energetic group split (3 minutes)
  • Team names and buzzer sounds (2 minutes)
  • Short general quiz to introduce key facts (10 minutes)

  1. What is the population of the UK? 64.1 million
  2. What is the population of Israel? 8.01 million
  3. What is the population of this room? 15
  4. How many Jews are there in the world? 13.86 million
  5. How many Jews live in the UK? 290,000 (0.46%)
  6. What is the largest city by population in Israel? Jerusalem
  7. Bonus: What percentage of Israel is Arab? 20.7% (1.66 million)

  • Now have madrichim stand along line on a spectrum from 0-100 percent, marking at 20 percent intervals
  • Then move 20% of madrichim to one side of room to visualize Arab population in Israel

Main (60 minutes)

  1. Introduction to UK Task Force (5 minutes)

    • Coalition of 39 Jewish organisations
    • An educational organisation, rather than a political organisation
    • Address gaps in knowledge about Arab citizens of Israel among British Jewry
    • Israeli ambassador's endorsement shows importance of the issue
      • "For the government of Israel, developing the potential of Israel's Arab citizens is a matter of great and long-term importance. The UK Task Force has generated impressively broad based support from across the Jewish community towards this vital goal. I wish you continued success working alongside Israel as we strive for further progress."
    • As tour chanichim: It is important to gain an understanding of why, as young British Jews, we should care about all aspects of Israeli society, including its non-Jewish minority, in our tour experiences.

  2. Who are Arab citizens of Israel? Religious and geographical spread (10 minutes)

    • Have each team draw a giant pie chart displaying their guesses for the religious make up of the Israeli Arab population (Bedouin 13%/Muslim 71%/Christian 8%/Druze 8%) (5 minutes)
    • Who lives where? Draw or use a human model as a map of Israel, which chanichim have to fill in. Reveal answer (5 minutes)

  3. Play your cards right activity: Display this variety of key facts (w/brief case study info when relevant) as a higher or lower game, using the numbers as you see fit. (5 minutes)

    • What percentage of Israeli parliamentarians are Arab citizens?
    • 13% of MKs
    • What percentage of university undergraduate students are Arab citizens?
    • 9% of university undergraduate students
    • What percentage of Israel's state development budget was allocated toward the Arab population?
    • 6.25% of state developmentbudget
    • What percentage of Arab citizens of Israel identify as 'proud' to be Israeli?
    • 65% identify proudly as Israeli
    • What percentage of Arab citizens of Israel live below the poverty line?
    • 50% are under poverty line (compared to 20% of Jews - but has gone down from 54% since 2009)
    • How many Arab citizens of Israel completed military service in the 2012/13 year?
    • 3600 did military service, increasing by hundreds per year
    • How many civil society organisations work on issues relating to Israel's Arab minority?
    • 1500 civil society organisations working on issues relating to Arab citizens

  4. Declaration of Independence Activity - why this subject matters to us (20 minutes):

  5. Write two or three sentences of a Declaration of Independence for a theoretical new country (based on Zionist thinker and Jewish text sources) that relate to treatment of a minority population (10 minutes). Use Sources:
    • What does Judaism say about 'the other'?
    • What did Zionist thinkers say about Arabs in Israel?
    • Draw an appropriate flag that is inclusive for all inhabitants.

    Teams present back to the whole group (10 minutes)

  6. Chanichim Question Time (10 minutes):

  7. Split into 4 groups, each with 2 of these questions. Prepare a 1 minute roleplay answering these questions.

    1. Who are Israel's Arab citizens?
    2. How do they identify themselves?
    3. Do they recognise Israel’s right to exist?
    4. Do Arabs have equal rights in Israel?
    5. Do Jews and Arabs have the same standard of living?
    6. What kind of jobs do they do?
    7. How are Arabs represented in the political system?
    8. Do Arabs serve in the IDF?

Sikkum (5 minutes)

Summarise session with the key facts quiz (mainly a fun speed game but links back to the start of the session).

Resource List